Mission, vision and values
of Zinkgular.


Our purpose

Transforming organizations through the commitment of their employees.

Our vision

We truly believe in our purpose, and that the success of organizations depends on putting people at the center of the strategy.

Therefore, we are to be a reference consultancy with global reach, but above all an organization focused on people, which promotes the development of talent and innovation, and the necessary flexibility to achieve high performance at any time and place, while providing at the same time a high level of professional and personal satisfaction..

An organization made up of committed, motivated, empowered, highly effective, and customer-oriented people; and led by trust, feedback culture, management by objectives, collaborative work and agility.

Our Mission

We help companies become person-centered organizations, organizations that not only try to achieve their corporate objectives but also align them with the goals and desires of people.

To do this, and to ensure current and future talent demands, we design and deploy strategies focused on creating value and optimizing the employee experience.


Our values


  • We are open and understanding, we listen, value and support each other.
  • We work as a team, basing our relationships on trust, collaboration and feedback.
  • We are customer-centric, and our great customer orientation leads us to be attentive to their  needs and  act as partners.


  • We embrace change courageously in a agile way, with adaptablity, continuous learning, and proactivity.
  • As a team, we focus on efficiency and high performance no matter when and where. We therefore based on goal orientation, mobility, flexibility, and everything that favors the reconciliation of the personal and professional spheres.
  • We are an organization open to diverse talent and innovation, able to adap to the client needs and offer customized solutions.


  • We feel identified with what we do, committed to the objectives we set, empowered to achieve everything we set out to do, and satisfied personally and professionally. 
  • Being part of the team is what gives meaning to our work, a cohesive, efficient and goal-oriented team, in which each one of us contributes the maximum with dedication and commitment.
  • We are fully involved in each project, with an attitude of service, and willing to add value beyond the expectations of the client.


  • We work with motivation and a positive attitude, we value and feel proud of everything we achieve, facing with enthusiasm the challenges of today, and looking to the future with optimism.
  • We set ambitious goals, congratulating ourselves and giving recognition when we achieve success, and learning from mistakes when we do not reach our goals,
  • We believe, without  complexes, that we are on the way of becoming a reference consultancy with global reach, and with this we advance towards the achievement of our purpose.