Promotes a sustainable and responsible business culture, putting people and their environment at the center.

We help you take care of aspects that people in your organization really value, such as well-being, diversity or social responsibility, thus creating an organizational culture that attracts and retains talent, and in which everyone can reach their full potential.


Our CARE solutions.

At Zinkgular we aspire to positively impact all those areas that will allow you to humanize the employee experience, and thus move towards a healthy business model, with high social and business value, and a great internal and external reputation.

To do this, we design awareness and transformation actions that support your strategy, and that contribute to developing pride of belonging, attracting and retaining talent, and creating an internal culture that is open and prone to talent development.

Making use of the Service Design methodology, we offer you tailor-made solutions, aligned to your strategy and internal culture, and that will help you move from words to deeds.


A factor that makes a difference


Driving real change


Generating a positive impact