Training Process Outsourcing.


Training Process Outsourcing

At Zinkgular we are convinced that helping you with operational tasks, we can contribute decisively to improving the experience of your company's employees. It's very simple: we significantly reduce your operational task load so you can address more strategic issues, such as designing and implementing training actions, development programs or wellness initiatives.

It would be endless to list the operational and administrative tasks that we must perform to carry out the training and development of the people of an organization.

Activities related to dialogue with suppliers, communication with students, logistics or evaluation of training. And what about the management of publics grants (FUNDAE subsidies), not only is a considerable administrative burden but also a big responsibility, because having public funds is no joke and it is a detailed audit process.

We will have to manage the calls, registrations and changes, prepare attendance controls, certificates, and evaluation questionnaires, send, collect and file all this documentation, generate the LMS activity records, schedule and assemble the sessions by virtual classroom, tabulate the evaluations, make communications to FUNDAE, respond to your requirements, manage the supplier invoices, etc.

All of them are necessary tasks to deploy training, but they are not key or represent a significant contribution of value and, on the other hand, they do require a lot of time and effort. Don't you feel that by dedicating so much time on those tasks you are wasting resources and talent? Wouldn't it be great if someone took care of some, or even all?

How do we do it?

Outsourcing some of your  operational activities with Zinkgular,does make sense only if we are able to do them more efficiently and, therefore, at a lower cost. How is this possible? Simple, the keys are automation and specialization.

We have been doing this for years and therefore have a lot of experience. It is normal that we have real specialists and that we have been incorporating and implementing the best practices of the market.

In addition, we rely on technology to automate our processes as much as possible, which allows us not only to reduce the times of operational tasks, but also to reduce or eliminate errors. In short, our challenge is to be more efficient and accurate.


Use of technological tools and methodologies that help standardization and automation of processes.


The deep know-how of our team of consultants, who also have extensive experience in training management projects.


Ability to implement best practices that ensure the success of the process.

What do we take care of?

With our TPO solutions, we can add value in each of the phase of the training function. In addition, they are scalable and flexible solutions, which means that you can decide without limitations which processes and tasks you are interested in delegating to us.

It is about designing a solution tailored to you, so that you continue to take care of the key processes and what  you  consider appropriate, and delegate everything else to us.


  • Detection of training needs.
  • Preparation, review, updating and monitoring of the TrainingPlan.
  • Design of training programs.
  • Development of customized content and programs.


  • Management of programmed training grants (FUNDAE).
  • Cost allocation and justification.
  • Preparation of scorecards and reports.
  • Preparation of attendance controls, certificates.
  • Data recording in ERP.
  • Management of supplier invoices.


  • Communication of the training plan and its updates.
  • Announcements of courses
  • Dialogue with external suppliers.
  • Coordination of internal trainers.
  • Organization of resources.
  • Registration for open courses.
  • Documentation management.


  • Satisfaction level assessment.
  • Learning Assessment.
  • Transition to the workplace assessment.
  • Organization impact Assessment
  • Integration, analysis and development of a performance managements corecard.

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