In addition to custom designs, we also have an extensive menu of training designs that we serve you a la carte. These are designsboth face-to-face and online , which allow us to offer you immediate and cost-effective solutions to provide an agile response to transversal training needs or training which does not require a specific or customized design, but only a certain degree of customization.

On-demand training

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Our catalog of online courses for companies covers a wide variety of training needs, especially those of a transversal nature:


Key skills in the Digital Era.

We work on skills that make a difference. It is a catalog designed to appeal to people's passion for learning and developing, which inspires them through values such as respect for their identity and diversity as people, as well as confidence in their abilities, which contemplates emotional factors and gives them a vision of self-development.
We incorporate here workshops that promote initiative and intrapreneurship, the culture of open innovation and continuous learning, emotional intelligence or adaptation to uncertain environments.Skilss that are useful beyond work.

Our goal is to go beyond the expectations of your employees, surprising and offering them memorable experiences,by using methodologies based on "interactional learning", with experiential, active and fun dynamics, which incorporates personal experiences, being the game an element of meaningful learning.

Formación power skills
Formación digital growing


Competencies for success in a changing environment.

The best way to stay competitive and remain useful is to acquire new skills. Of course, technological knowledge is key, but it is not enough. People should focus on developing skills that differentiate us, rather than those that are being absorbed by technology.

Therefore, you will find here training related to data analytics, business intelligence, creativity and innovation, user experience, digital communication, information management, agile methodologies or new work models.


Power collaboration, productivity and data analysis.

A good management of office tools helps us enormously at work, since it allows us to keep the entire team connected, share content and applications in the cloud, share and edit documents online and from any device, collaborate at a multi-user level, organize teamwork, co-create through visual and intuitive tools, turn data into opportunities, or display impact information in a simple way, among many other things.

Formación herramientas ofimáticas
Formación tecnología


The future is today.

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), we are on the cusp of a fourth industrial revolution, driven by digital transformation.
And the digital transformation of business is the digital transformation of talent. In fact, it is estimated that in the next 2 years a third of the critical competencies of most occupations will be constituted by skills that today are not considered crucial, or that we do not even contemplate.
Therefore, from Zinkgular we encourage you to invest in the technological training of your teams, and we offer training in cloud computing, on the Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotization and process automation, among others.


Deploy your talent in a globalized world.

With an increasingly interconnected world, we need to be able to communicate with others. Speaking a language is not  enough, it is also required to be able  to optimize our communication, and ultimately, deploy our talent in this language, to achieve our professional goals.

With language learning you will also promote personal and professional growth in your organization, as well as understanding and connection with different cultures.

Formación idiomas
Formación diversidad


Towards a more inclusive and open internal culture.

 We propose actions that will allow you to move towards an adequate internal culture, and begin to achieve a positive impact on your organization. Let us help you to  raise awareness, sensitize, connect with people, and generate in them the necessary commitment to promote real change.


Develop habits that improve your life.

We suggest taking actions that will encourage people in your organization to  be active in all aspects that impact their well-being. They will learn to know their body better and adopt healthy habits, to take care of themselves to prevent injuries and discomfort, to relax, to manage their emotions, to reconcile the personal and professional spheres, to take care of their social environment, and even their financial health.

Formación salud y bienestar
Formación relación clientes


Exceed your customer's expectations.

Our world is constantly changing, and we are constantly experiencing social, cultural and technological revolutions, etc., but there is a premise that remains unchanged: offering a service capable of exceeding the expectations of our customers will always be the essence of a successful business.

The success of sales is achieved with two key aspects: value and trust. These two aspects are not generated spontaneously or due to stroke of "good luck". Therefore, it is essential to invest in professional development of sales and customer service profiles, providing them with the key competencies so that they how to offer a unique shopping experience, understanding and surprising customers and developing loyalty.


Towards business ethics.

The sustainability of companies today involves the development of regulatory compliance systems, that is, procedures to prevent, detect and avoid risks related to compliance with laws from the perspective of ethics and integrity.

However, it will be useless to implement a series of tools, policies and internal procedures if we do not involve the people of the organization. Therefore, we propose training actions aimed at complying with legislation on matters such as labor relations, prevention of occupational risks , protection of personal data, equal opportunities, or prevention of money laundering, among others.

Formación cumplimiento normativo
Formación competencias técnicas


Face any challenge with guarantees.

We propose training in a transversal nature, such as people management, finance, marketing, etc. Our goal is to provide your teams with the necessary knowledge to work successfully in a business context, without the need to be specialists in a specific functional area.We speak, for example, of offering knowledge to  administration personnel for profiles that manage teams, or knowledge of economic-financial culture for those responsible for an operating account, or digital marketing and project management for a person in charge of a business area.

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