At Zinkgular we want to be your eLearning partner.

We have a pedagogical and technological capacity that allows us to innovate and give the best solution to any challenge you pose, being able to accompany you throughout the life cycle of your digital learning project.

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We can advise you on strategic aspects, from the definition of the scope of the project, to the communication, recruitment and engagement strategy, to the evolution towards the concept of a corporate university; in technological aspects, such as the selection of the LearnTech platforms that best suit your case; in pedagogical aspects that impact on the personalization of learning, or on its gamification to make it more social and enhance engagement; or in organizational aspects.


We help you to define, planing and implementing your corporate campus, even in its evolution towards the concept of a corporate university, a tool to centralize aspects such as the global training strategy, the design of training programs, the deployment of training, face-to-face, virtual and online, and the processes related to training management, promoting continuous learning, managing corporate knowledge with flexibility and efficiency, and incorporating a culture of measurement.

Zinkgular has the LearnTech tools you need, whether LMS (learning management systems), LXP (learning experience platforms), LCMS (learning content management systems), etc., in addition to the necessary services for the deployment of training and corporate knowledge, such as administration and management, technical support, monitoring and evaluation, or delivery support services.

In short, we offer end-to-end solutions capable of comprehensively managing and deploying all training processes and corporate knowledge , and all with the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).


Zinkgular designed a wide catalog of digital learning experiences and content hosted in the cloud, so you can offer and deploy the training actions that your organization needs, with great flexibility and on demand, either from your platform or ours. With more than 400 courses, aimed at a wide variety of profiles and functional areas.

As a complement, we also offer you our delivery support services to optimize the results of the learning process.


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At Zinkgular there is an area, the  e-lab, dedicated to the process of designing and creating high-impact digital learning experiences.

At e-lab we have a very clear reason to be "WHY": our goal is to spread the enthusiasm for learning. And to make this possible, we experiment and innovate to make a groundbreaking elearning.Learning is only thing that matters. Therefore, we define ourselves as "Student-Centric".

Our digital laboratory of training contents consists of a team endowed with diverse skills to captivate your audience, satisfying your highest expectations, and complying with the highest standards of quality, agility and market demands.

To do this, we make use of the latest technologies, pedagogical approaches, instructional design methods and motivation techniques for students.

Meeting the needs of our customers; providing a variety of agile, flexible and creative solutions that fit our clients budget. We co-create content with you and your collaborators, making them protagonists of the learning experience. We put all our resources at your disposal making your content come alive.

Not only do we offer  the technology, approach, design and techniques, but we also gamify them for you. We transfer the mechanics of the game to the field of online training, to increase the motivation and commitment of the student, making learning more fun, easier to internalize and lasting over time.

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