At Zinkgular we think that we can contribute to increasing the competitiveness of your company, adding value in all phases of design and deployment of training and talent development projects. 


  • Bringing the strategy closer to the people, and aligning the needs and capabilities of the organization.
  • Developing an innovative and agile learning culture.
  • Creating flexible pathways that allow each person to choose their learning path.
  • Designing a careful learning experience that incorporates monitoring, feedback and recognition mechanisms.
  • Increasing people's motivation for training.
  • Identifying and developing key competencies for success in a context inpermanent transformation.
  • Raising the impact of training through attractive and innovative methodologies and content.
  • Incorporating mechanisms that facilitate the application of the knowledge and skills acquired.

How do
we do it?

We take pride in our flexibility and ability to meet every challenge you face. To achieve this, at Zinkgular we make use of the latest digital tools and methodological trends, such as Design Thinking, OKR and market research,keeping always in mind the vision, mission, values, purpose and culture of your organization,  guaranteeing  a high-quality service and results that will positively impact your company.

We are backed by more than 20 year's experience in training. Some of our services in training consulting are:

The design of the Employee Learning Journey, to maximize the employee experience.

Design of itineraries for the development of key competencies.

Gamification of learning processes.

The identification, definition and evaluation of key competencies.

Development of career plans.

Audit of training processes.

The diagnosis and detection of training needs.

Analysis of the impact of training.

Design of training strategy
(corporate university model).

Designing of training plans.

Transformation of learning processes to digital or blended learning formats.

Development of apprenticeship programs.

Other Learn solutions.


Flexibility, digital learning and maximum impact


Ready-to-serve training designs


Because no two projects are alike